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Don't Put Down The Hairbrush!

I was chatting the other day with a friend about the “good ol’ days.”  I used to pull out the Michael Jackson Thriller record, put it on my sister’s turntable, get out a hairbrush, I mean microphone, and do everything humanly possible to pretend I was Michael Jackson. Then there was Madonna. Then Paula Abdul. The list goes on. I would have so much fun performing for my stuffies and making sure I knew how to lip sync all the right words.  I told my friend about how my mom also used to sing along to so many of her favourite songs from the 50’s and 60’s in her room as a child.

Then it dawned on me.  I never remember seeing my mom do that when I was a child.  And now here I am, a mom as well, and not doing it either. If it was so fun, why did we stop? Perhaps as we grow up and things get serious we either stop the music altogether, or we have to play “real music” or maybe we tell ourselves there’s no time.

I have since started to make the time.  I sing in the car more, I have also challenged random family members to lip sync battles, and I have allowed a “hairbrush microphone moment” or two while brushing my hair. And since I don’t have my stuffies to perform to anymore, my family has picked up the slack and even joined in. I found these little moments have the power to brighten my day during this Fall weather, take me out of the seriousness that is my adult life sometimes and really switch things up!  While this is a far cry from the hours I would spend in my bedroom, it’s FUN! Who doesn’t want a little more fun in their lives?

My advice to my fellow parents, children too - DON’T PUT DOWN THE HAIRBRUSH!  

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