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Give the Gift of Experience

There is a growing trend to give experiences for the holidays, in place of more stuff.  Why not give the gift of the arts this holiday season?  When you give a private lesson, group class, instrument, a summer camp or even event tickets to a special performance, check out what other amazing life skills and benefits you are giving.


Give the Gift of Dance:

I can always see changes in a dancer’s mood, physique and overall vitality once they’ve trained with me for a while.  Confidence in their new-found abilities, plus the effects of friends, exercise and music enrich the lives of our students on a weekly basis.  But don’t just take my word for it! Here are some interesting reads on the benefits of dance:

Benefits of Dance, from

The Powerful Psychological Benefits of Dance, from Psychology Today

Give the Gift of Music:

I grew up learning how to sing, play the piano, and of course tap dance!  These ways of making music helped me to relieve stress, express creativity and develop a deep appreciation of the music I hear every day.  Check out this great video on on the benefits to your brain while playing your instrument:

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain, from

Give the Gift of Acting:

Kids, Teens, and Adults alike have enjoyed acting classes at Star.  I took acting classes as a child, in highschool and during my theatre degree at the University of Waterloo.  Exploring characters, learning to speak and read aloud with more confidence, and even speak my own mind on a stage were some key growth areas for me growing up.  As a mom, I’ve begun to see the similar benefits for my own children through acting classes and recitals. I love this article on why everyone - not just actors - can benefit from acting classes.

Why Everyone (Not Just Actors) Should Take an Acting Class, from

Where you choose to take these classes or experiences is key!  Find a supportive, qualified environment if it is lessons or classes you’re looking for, like Star Performance Academy! *wink*  If it’s shows you’re looking for K-W Area has great professional theatres from Centre In The Square to the many Drayton Entertainment theatres and more!

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