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Musical theatre is a perfect class for your future triple threat performer

Musical theatre is a perfect class for your future triple threat performer

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In today’s world, to make it as a performer in the entertainment business requires several creative skills in the performance field.

This means, being able to act, sing, dance and perform in musical theatre style, or in other words, being a triple threat. If your child is a dancer and has aspirations of working in the entertainment field, they must invest some of their dance training in musical theatre classes to ensure they have optimal range as a performer and to be able to stand out from the competition.

Musical theatre is a distinct style that requires a different set of skills. Students are taught things such as movement, voice projection and how to properly use the stage incorporating both dance and dramatic techniques together.

For those kids who know they want to be a triple threat, the younger they start taking classes, the better, as it takes talent, drive and experience to make it in the entertainment world. But putting the challenges of that world aside, remember it’s a highly creative and fun class that your little dancer will enjoy being a part of.

Having the skills to work in musical theatre can potentially open the door to other careers in the performance arts industry, such as being a choreographer, director or even a dance teacher. Although it is a demanding and competitive field, it can also be a fulfilling and rewarding career.

If one of your children is looking to becoming the next triple threat in the entertainment industry, sign them up for the musical theatre at Star Performance Academy, where they offer musical theatre classes for kids. Visit them today at to learn more about this exciting class.

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