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About a year ago, while running freelance classes at Roxy’s Dance Studio, I began teaching ‘Family Flamenco’. This family-friendly class spanned across three generations and has been one my favourite classes to teach. For me (and many others) flamenco is often a family affair. My mother has always made my flamenco costumes; my father, who is relatively new to flamenco practice, recently accompanied me as a flamenco singer and bassist in two performances; and it isn’t out of the ordinary to see my nieces and nephews tapping along during my classes or rehearsals. Even though I am the only flamenco devotee out of my parents and sisters, flamenco has, nevertheless, permeated into our family life.

Ahhh the smell of the ice….

Hockey had its own smells and sounds that take you back to the rink. We've all heard those nostalgic phrases taking us back to the smell of the ice, the sound of skates cutting the ice, or a successful slapshot, you know… and the crowd roars!  Are you feeling in chilly now? Can you smell the arena? Do you wish you were in a crowd of cheering fans?

It is so easy and common to let one recital dance run into the next as you watch them back to back in a showcase. More students, more sparkles, more steps. Repeat. But have you ever really thought of what you’re truly watching? I find the performing arts to be such a crazy miracle, and I’ll try to put it into words. What our audience sees is unique to each person, but here are some of the things I see when I’m watching from the wings.  

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