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“Do you want to sing?”

When I was 9, my Mom thought I would like to take singing lessons. “Do you want to sing?” she asked.  She was right. I did. But going to my 30-minute weekly class was just the beginning of my journey with music.  I was amazed that a person could teach me how to sing higher, lower, louder. I didn’t even know it was possible!

It’s Spring!  Could your training routine use some freshening up?

It’s Spring!  We’ve finally had some great weather, opened up some windows, freshened things up a bit.  But did you know we can also freshen up our dance training a little? After doing the same classes and preparing for the same shows, competitions and exams, it’s time for dancers to freshen up their training routine.

Yes, eleventeen is a number in my strange world.  No, I didn’t learn it at dance. We only count to eight.  Sorry... bad dance-teacher-joke! I did learn a variety of things from the world of competitive dance.  My Star Team hits the stage this month (shameless plug: Open to the public! Star Team Showcase ticket info ad in this newsletter), so I wanted to dedicate this to all things, competitive dance.

Okay, so here are some things I learned...

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