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Star Spirit Week!

Star Spirit Week has just wrapped up!  I’ve taken some time to see how it’s all going and wow, what a fun week it has been!  Being cold and rainy and snowy outside, it was a great time to fill the halls with warm and fuzzy activities to really drive home what it means to be a part of the Star Family.  

How did we come up with these activities?  

We have 10 core values at Star which are integral to our studio culture.  We chose activities that embody these values and added a bingo card and prizes!  

I consider Star Performance Academy to be a living, breathing, growing and thriving community of artistic families, so we chose these Top 10 Values to keep in mind as we learn, grown and develop together.

Check out the graphic to see our Top 10 values!

We’ve been so excited at the enthusiasm and participation in this fun week! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!  Stay tuned to learn who won the fantastic prizes we had available to be won!

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