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Welcome to 5678 Blog!

I can definitely say that dance ruined my life.  If I imagine my life without dance, that life would not let me make music with my feet, know what to do with the song in my heart, or say something with my entire being.  So I’m glad that dance ruined that life because ...

I can’t imagine living life that way at all.

I’m Kristin Werner, owner of Star Performance Academy in Waterloo.  I’ve come to realize that I have stuff on my mind about this artsy life I lead, and not enough time to talk about it with all of you throughout my day, so I’ll write about it each month until I run out of things to say, and you can read it or not, whenever you want, or not! 

A bit about me...the me that dance created…

As early as I can remember, I would sit at the side of my sister’s dance classes, so my parents didn’t have to drive to the studio twice for our different pick-up times.  I would watch her, study her, just waiting to be able to do what she could do.  At the time she was twice my age - I was 3 and she was 6.  That’s how it all began.

kristin as a little dancer bee

Growing up in dance, I did what you might expect, although it was different back then - the 80’s.  Competitions had only First, Second, and Third place… no 'Specials' or  'Triple Rubygoldium' (you dance team people know what I mean!)  I had to work hard to get one of those three ribbons, in my category of 15 dancers ages 6 through 8. At least if I lost, I was with 12 other people!  But yes, I was a competitive dancer, with my sister, doing tap duets and all that jazz.  We had the minivan, the dinners in the car, smelly dance shoes and the (unfortunately then, bright blue) eyeshadow too.  But we had the dance family, a second parental-like system of dance teachers to look up to, and be just a little scared of (you know… the 80’s), but most importantly they were the professionals who passed on this art of dance.

I learned how to dance, how to best use my time, how to walk into new places and situations and really “show up.”  I traveled the world and learned that I loved my life here at home, in Kitchener-Waterloo.  I learned I have a voice, and that people will listen if I speak loud enough, dance strong enough, and say things that are important. I learned that for every minute in the spotlight, there are thousands in preparation for that moment, and that the responsibility of those moments brings with it some serious joy!

For now, we’ll fast forward through my performances in community theatre, singing at many Kiwanis Music Festivals and nursing homes.  We’ll move through those late nights in background film and movie gigs, my theatre degree and several dance teachers’ certification courses, and a short trip through a business diploma program. And most importantly let’s not forget getting married and starting an awesome family (that keeps getting taller somehow)... and well, here I am!  Glad that dance ruined the life I never had because I get to be here with all of you! #ItsFUNtobeaStar

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