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Kinders Age 4-5 Dance Power Stars Ballet (Sat 11:30am-12:25am)

Dance Power Stars is a multi-level program designed to inspire confidence, creativity and a love of dance in your child. SHINE offers the same structure and benefits as BURST, but is designed with the following additions for the 4-5 year-old. Your child's growing ability to see, hear and learn allows them to learn a larger variety of steps in this 60-minute parent-free class. Hip Hop foundations are introduced at this age level, Ballet and Jazz movements and dances begin to co-ordinate head, arm, torso and leg movements for increased co-ordination and fun. Tap begins to combine 2 and 3 sounds steps together. Acro foundations continue to develop. The year finishes with an opportunity to perform in costume, in a low-pressure, high quality showcase at the Humanities Theatre - a special time for dance families! Give your Star the Power of Dance! Students enjoy learning at the SHINE level until they are ready for DAZZLE, or age up into our Mini Intro Program.

Instructor: Amanda Romano-Paret

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Register now - need more students for this program
Register now - need more students for this program
Register now - positions are going quickly
Register now - positions are going quickly
Sorry, no openings - please select another program or add your name to the wait list
Sorry, no openings - please select another program or add your name to the wait list

Kids & Teens Levels Guide:

Step 1: What school grade will the student be in?

  • School Grades 1-2 = MINI
  • School Grades 3-5 = JUNIOR
  • School Grades 6-8 = INTER
  • School Grades 9-12= TEEN

Step 2: How much experience does the student have?

  • No experience, or cautious personality = INTRO
  • Some experience, or related experience like skating, gymnastics or relatable dance styles = EXPERIENCED
  • Training in 3+ or more classes per week with several recent years experience in that style + instructor permission ADVANCED

Example: Grade 6 student with 2 years of jazz could take Inter Everybody Hip Hop.

* Monthly Installment Amount

Tuition for the school year can be paid over 10 months for these programs. The amount shown here is the monthly amount - when adding these programs to the cart the full price for the year is added, on the cart page select the monthly payments option.

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