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Lily Schumacher

Lily SchumacherBeing an entertainer and storyteller has always had a foothold in Lily’s life. Her early years were spent rehearsing Destiny’s Child routines in her family’s basement and travelling the talent show circuit through southern Ontario, performing in memorable high school musicals, amateur theatre in Toronto and later a role in Children of God, a film named one of the top ten films of 2010 by  From an early age, Lily experienced the power of influence that privileged the entertainment world, as well as the social responsibility that came with it.  She saw acting as a medium for social change.

Performance took many forms for Lily, not only on the stage but also in athletics and academics.  An all-Ontario track star, Lily was equally competitive on the track as she was on the court as the captain of her Ryerson basketball squad, Ryerson MVP and a top-10 Canadian rebounder.  With a love for the three A’s – Arts, Athletics and Academics – Lily earned a degree in Public Administration with a specialty in Journalism and set off to change and influence the world.

Throughout a 15-year stint in The Bahamas, marriage, three children and several extreme health challenges her love of the Arts could not be deterred. While creating and directing a children’s camp where she taught dance and acting, she proceeded to hone her acting craft with professional teachers and actors from NYC, Florida and L.A. After working her way up from Volunteer to an Executive role with the Bahamas International Film Festival, Lily continued acting in commercials for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, provided voice overs for radio ads and jingles, and remained involved in numerous other capacities in film, television, radio and theatre.

Since Lily’s return to Kitchener-Waterloo in 2015, she has kept busy homeschooling her children, directing and teaching acting to homeschoolers with Jigsaw Productions, performing in theatre with JM Drama, Guelph Little Theatre and Green Light Arts, sitting as VP of the JM Drama Board for The Registry Theatre in Kitchener and committing time to the Healing Arts as a Holistic Practitioner.

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Lily Schumacher

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