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Norm Zabala

Norm ZabalaMusic has always been my passion. I couldn't afford lessons or a guitar when I started out so I first learned how to play by hanging out in music stores. I would watch other people play and then practice on a store guitar that I would sneak down from the wall. Didn't get too far with this method but it got me far enough to play in the school choir. My high school music teacher gave me my first guitar. It was the classroom beater but I fixed it and really started practicing. Eventually, I was able to make a living from playing and recording music. I decided to pursue my music degree and started teaching privately. The gigs and teaching helped to pay for my tuition and by the time I graduated from university, I had developed a clientele of about 60 students per week.

Later on I became the music director for World music artist Florence K and played such events as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Canada Day on Parliament Hill, The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Bermuda Music Festival and The Isle Of Wight Festival in the UK. We toured across France with French artist Bernard Lavilliers, and represented Canada alongside artists from different nations for a private performance in Oman for dignitaries. I performed and was a co-composer on albums such as “Bossa Blue” and “la Historia de Lola”. We also composed and produced the music for a Franklin The Turtle musical theater production called “Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights” I also recorded my own solo album called “The Woodshed Sessions” and currently, I'm working on a follow up to that album.

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Norm Zabala

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