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Tommy Ros

Tommy RosHi I'm Tommy Ros and I have been dancing for 5 years now. I am a hip hop dancer but I mainly breakdance. I am a new star staff and I only been here since last year and it was fun teaching and I'm here to share my experiences with everyone that are interested in breakdancing. I got inspired by a T.V show called ABDC (Americans best dance crew) I learned from YouTube and some good friends I made alone my journey. I'm a shy person but when it comes to dancing im like a whole new person because it brings fun energy from me. I always wanted to teach because I wanted to share the happiness in a dance move that you can learn I also love dancing freely like freestyleing that is what I also teach in my classes. Alone my journey I took a lot of dance classes so I just want the same feeling in what I have learned to others that just want to dance.

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