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Alex T.

Graduated 2018

What have you been up to since graduation?

I am currently in my first year at the University of Guelph. I am studying Bio-Medical Sciences, and I am loving it!

How has dancing helped/influenced you with what you are doing now?

Dance allowed me to develop many soft skills which have been extremely beneficial in my everyday life. I think teamwork, communication and leadership are three skills that I strongly developed during my years of dance which have so far been crucial in my schooling. Dance also provided a space for me to be myself, and this has made me realize how good it feels to just be you which can be difficult in today's society. In terms of what I am doing now, I believe dance influenced my choice to go into the sciences, since I was always very intrigued by the anatomy we got to learn!

Having graduated, do you have advice you wish to share for our current Star Team?

If I could give any advice to the current Star Team, I would say treat every setback as a learning opportunity. I wish I realized earlier in life that not everything goes perfectly. You may have very high expectations, and when they are not met it may be challenging to accept. If you take the time to find the positives in every situation, you will have a much better outlook and outcome in the long run!

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