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Brooke R.

Graduated 2013

What have you been up to since graduation?

After graduation, I was a teacher and Star Team choreographer at Star Performance Academy. In those teaching years, I finished my Dance Masters of America (DMA) teacher’s certification in Jazz and Tap.  I then went to Randolph College for the Performing Arts in Toronto and graduated in August 2018.

How has dancing helped/influenced you with what you are doing now?

It has entirely shaped my career so far. I have become a certified dance teacher, Randolph College for the Performing Arts Graduate, Governor General's Award Winner and a professional performing artist. Above all dance has taught me to have a strong work ethic. It's not about having the most talent, it’s about being the hardest worker in the room.

Having graduated, do you have advice you wish to share for our current Star Team?

Remember that you do this because you love it and it's okay to make mistakes. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect! Failure is not a bad thing, embrace it and learn from it! This is probably the hardest thing to do but it works! I have learned the most from failing. Have no expectations. Just do it, be yourself, and have fun! Every time you perform it is a chance to share yourself to others and do what you love, have fun with it. Lastly, if someone tells you that you are not good enough prove them wrong and always remember you are enough!

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