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Kaya H.

Graduated 2015

What have you been up to since graduation?

I've been working on my BA in language and linguistics at York University.

How has dancing helped/influenced you with what you are doing now?

Growing up as a dancer helped me learn so much about life and about myself; it's difficult to think of a part of my life that dance hasn't touched in some way. I'd have to say though that the best thing about dance is the people I met along the way. I have so much love for my Star family, you guys will always be close to my heart!

Having graduated, do you have advice you wish to share for our current Star Team?

If I have any advice, it would be to enjoy every minute in the studio. Something I learned is that I would never be able to reach my goals if I saved my love of dance just for the stage. You have to bring the joy you feel when you're performing to every part of your dancing, whether it be pliés or crunches or the last class of a long night. This is how I evolved my dancing into something I not only loved, but am also passionate about.

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