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It’s Spring!  Could your training routine use some freshening up?

It’s Spring!  We’ve finally had some great weather, opened up some windows, freshened things up a bit.  But did you know we can also freshen up our dance training a little? After doing the same classes and preparing for the same shows, competitions and exams, it’s time for dancers to freshen up their training routine.


Workshops and Guest Instructors

Star offers workshops and guest instructors throughout the year.  This Saturday, we are hosting a flamenco workshop to current students, friends and guests.  We are bringing in professional flamenco duo Claudia Aguirre and Julian Berg to introduce all things Flamenco! Claudia says, “Flamenco is a rhythmic dance and music from the south of Spain, best known for dancers in ruffled dresses stomping heavily, accompanied by clapping, strumming guitars, and onlookers yelling "olé!" The dance also involves strong arm movements, delicate hand gestures, and intensity. As a three-part art form, flamenco dancers learn to respond to flamenco singing, as well as communicate to the accompanying flamenco guitarist, through their dancing, transitions they need in the playing.” Local flamenco duo, Claudia and Julian, met as they were both studying flamenco in Spain. In their upcoming workshops, dancers will learn fundamental flamenco steps and how it fits with Claudia's singing and Julian's guitar playing.

Did you know  Flamenco influences these styles of dance?

  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Ballet

Check out a ballet dance with fans or castanets,  a latin jazz routine, or tap dance in the beguine rhythm.


Set New Goals

Have you sat down to review your goals since the season began?  Perhaps you want to explore new aspects to your performance quality, increase flexibility, or work on certain jumps and turns?  Make a vision board, and write down actionable steps to help you meet your goals!

See a Dance or Music Performance!

Check out Claudia and Julian’s Live Flamenco this Saturday, check out your local movie theatre listings for live feeds of ballet performances.  Our local theatres offer a variety of musicals right here in Waterloo Region

Stay fresh!  Stay inspired!  Spring is finally here!


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Yes, eleventeen is a number in my strange world.  No, I didn’t learn it at dance. We only count to eight.  Sorry... bad dance-teacher-joke! I did learn a variety of things from the world of competitive dance.  My Star Team hits the stage this month (shameless plug: Open to the public! Star Team Showcase ticket info ad in this newsletter), so I wanted to dedicate this to all things, competitive dance.

Okay, so here are some things I learned...

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I can definitely say that dance ruined my life.  If I imagine my life without dance, that life would not let me make music with my feet, know what to do with the song in my heart, or say something with my entire being.  So I’m glad that dance ruined that life because ...

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