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I feel like I’m always looking ahead when January rolls around.  But I thought how many different ways could I look if I wanted to mix things up a bit this year?  As a dance teacher, I’m always coaching the direction my dancers look, “Up, centre, down centre, right centre, left centre!” etc…

If I look right and left, I think I would see a lot of hard-working, amazing parents beside me, doing just what I’m trying to do.  Work at something where I hope to be useful to someone somehow, all while trying to provide for my kids and provide opportunities for us to learn, grow and enjoy each other.  I think perhaps in this digital world we often feel like we’re going it alone, pushing forwards as we look down at our screens and forward. So I think this year I’d like to look sideways a little more, at the awesome people in this Star Family doing their version of what I’m doing. We have so much in common and I know I can learn a lot from these amazing people.  

So am I going to look side to side a little more?  VERDICT:  YES.

Check out the amazing people in the Star Fam.  They are a great resource. Advice. Carpool. Shoulder to lean on.  Inspiration. Tips and tricks to get through the year. Hugs.

Looking up.  That’s a common one.  Stay positive. Stay on the sunny side.  Look to God, the Universe, the source of all, the Sky… something bigger than myself.  I always try to look up when life drags me down a bit. It helps to remind myself that bigger things are at play.

So should I keep looking up?  VERDICT: YES.

Look up to gain insight.  Perspective. Time. Truth.  Direction.

Looking down. What could be any good about looking down?  People always tell you to lift your chin, look ahead. I think what can help me is to remember my roots; what grounds me, what stabilizes me, and what connects me through the earth to others around me.  I know my family and friends keep me grounded. But remembering to nourish those friendships and family moments when life gets busy, can be a challenge for so many of us.

So will I start looking down, on a regular basis?  VERDICT: YES.

Look down to stand firm.  Pay attention. What makes me, me?  What holds me “to it?” Call my family.  Say yes to that girls’ night out. Play with my kids.  Balance.

But after all this, do I still look forward?  VERDICT: YES.

Look ahead to where we’re going.  What’s in store? What is to come, based on today’s actions?  Kids are learning and growing. Parents are supporting that and more.  I guess we can’t know for sure, but from where I stand, looking around, the future looks bright!  #shinebright #lookallaroundyou #2019herewecome

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There is a growing trend to give experiences for the holidays, in place of more stuff.  Why not give the gift of the arts this holiday season?  When you give a private lesson, group class, instrument, a summer camp or even event tickets to a special performance, check out what other amazing life skills and benefits you are giving.

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I was chatting the other day with a friend about the “good ol’ days.”  I used to pull out the Michael Jackson Thriller record, put it on my sister’s turntable, get out a hairbrush, I mean microphone, and do everything humanly possible to pretend I was Michael Jackson. Then there was Madonna. Then Paula Abdul. The list goes on. I would have so much fun performing for my stuffies and making sure I knew how to lip sync all the right words.  I told my friend about how my mom also used to sing along to so many of her favourite songs from the 50’s and 60’s in her room as a child.

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